A wedding should be as unique and as distinctive as you.  That is why I take the extra steps necessary to customize your ceremony; to reflect your individual character.  I work closely with you and provide an initial consultation and ongoing support.  I will skillfully prepare a wedding ceremony to insure everything is perfect and all that you hoped for.  Your ceremony will be tailor written and customized especially for you. 

I believe good preparation is a key to a successful conclusion.  This philosophy is the same within the preparation for a wedding.  By working with you and listening to your wants and interest, I will help you develop a beautiful event.  Then when your big day arrives, you can rest assured that I will be prepared and ready to deliver a wonderful and inspiring ceremony that you approve and enjoy. 

There are many styles and ceremony versions to consider. Too better assist you I have broken out the many elements to a wedding ceremony; such as different types of vows, styles, traditions, and more.   I have many great examples that are a great starting point to begin your design of the perfect wedding for you.  Remember this is your wedding day so let me know what you want for your ceremony and I will help you make it a reality.  In our initial consultation, we will go through a checklist of options and preferences.  This will guide the creativity and allow me to understand your feelings and vision towards the wedding ceremony. 


Presentation Styles:

  • Traditional/Conservative/Classical/Customary

  • Reflective/Inspiring/Soft/Tender

  • Fun/Lighthearted/Casual/Cheerful/Bright

  • Deep/Poetic/Passionate/Lyrical/Profound


When it comes to wedding vows you can write your own or use the standard vows; or a combination of both.  Review the “How to…” section on this page to learn how to write your own vows.  Also, as your officiante I will help you prepare and write the perfect vows to deliver on your wedding day.

Ceremony Collections:

Here is a list of different ceremony elements you can include into your wedding.  This is just an assortment of activities.  You can take the customary elements and change, add, or delete the affair too best fit your impression.  In addition, you can create your own custom element or simply give me your ideas and I can come up with some designs too best fit your desire.  Remember this is your special day so design with open imagination.

  • Sand Ceremony

  • Handfast/Hand Ribbon

  • Wine/Water Ceremony

  • Unity Candle

  • Rock Ceremony

  • Hand Ceremony

  • Mother's Rose Ceremony

  • Rose Exchange

  • 13 Coins; traditional or modern

  • Special Reading

  • Hawaiian Lei Exchange

  • Poems

  • Braid/Laso Ceremony


         and many others