Relationship/New Marriage Counseling:

I provide informal Relationship Counseling.  As your wedding officiant you will receive special rates.  Counseling is not required for wedding ceremony.  My organization is The PLC Insitute and is affiliated with Pacific Life Church were I provide pastoring and teaching.  All my relationship counseling/coaching is presented in a comfortable and informal setting.  I seek to inspire you and bring a greater worth to the bond that is between you as a couple.   

Relationship/New Marriage Retreats:

PLC offers you a great way to grow as a couple.  Through our 3 and 6 day retreats your senses will be engaged and your relationship inspired.  Every retreat is rewarding, positive, and fun.  Our team of counselors strive to provide an environement that will build a stronger bond between you and bring you closer together.  You will enjoy the comforts of a quality B&B or resort, activities and events, relationship building exercises, interactive games, workshops, eco-tours, private time, excursions, fitness and exercise, challenges, arts and crafts, plus much more. With locations throughout the western United States and a varied of activities and retreat packages, I'm sure you will find the perfect fit to your interest. 


PLC offers 1 and 2 day workshops.  Each workshop is designed to help you prepare for your wedding.  You will receive guidance on how to plan your wedding and how to manage the stresses that come along with the planning of this big day.  These 1/2 day or full day events combine the elements of a retreat with the convience of personal counseling.  With so many details you must handle, these workshops will help better prepare and organize you.  Contact me today to learn more about the next upcoming event.   


Please note, I am not a medical pyschologist or a certified pyschiatrist who is available for medical treatment or prescription writing for medical conditions.  I have however completed an in-depth study for my ordination, I am certified as marriage life counselor, and I am trained in life and relationship coaching.  You can learn more at or simply call me to discuss your interest.



Presentation Skills Course:

This course is designed to help the professional, church leader, or anyone who seeks to improve their knowledge in key techniques in communications and speech.  We will discuss and cover the elements of a good presentation, action points, the design and impact of visual aids, human social behavior, and forms and ways to deliver a clear and effective presentation.  Contact me today for further information and upcoming courses available.